The Creative Entrepreneur's Comprehensive Guide to Accounting & Tax

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Bolstered by her love of teaching, Digits founder Hanneke Barlow saw a profound need in the entrepreneurial space for new business owners to feel more confident when it comes to their company’s finances.

Do you hear the words ‘tax’ or  ‘accounting’ and want to stick your head in the sand?

Read on, and I’ll let you in on a little secret:


I studied accounting at a fancy-schmancy university. But when I started my accounting business, the fancy-schmancy university degree didn’t help me much. Surprised? So was I.

You might be surprised to hear it but, in the three-year accounting and tax curriculum offered at South African universities, budding accountants are never taught about Sars or eFiling. 

What!? Yip, you read right. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Most accounting graduates start their careers at big-time accounting firms. They do this to get practical experience while completing their articles under the auspices of more accomplished chartered accountants. At the time, the remuneration offered to me at one of these big firms was R6000/month.

But unlike most graduates, I simply couldn’t afford it. My monthly student loan repayment alone was R4000, not to mention my basic living expenses. You don't need to excel at Maths to see that things didn’t quite add up.

So I took the leap to start my own humble accounting practice. But without the practical experience so many accountants garner from established corporations, I had to teach myself everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – from scratch.

So, as a new business owner myself, what was a gal to do? Well, I read… A lot. I researched. I Googled. I called on some friends and I took the necessary steps to populate my own set of standard operating procedures for each task necessary to master tax and accounting in South Africa. I figured it out.

And now?

I proudly get to pass on my knowledge – my intellectual property

 – to you.

My goal?

To empower you, a small business owner, to stand tall, to look at the words ‘tax’ and ‘accounting’ straight in the eyes, confident, poker-faced.


Morning Modules

08:00 Arrival and breakfast canapés


Setting up & customising cloud-based accounting software 

Personalised income + expenses blueprint

Automated products + services listings

Produce a tip-top invoicing process

Matching payments received + categorising money spent

Accounting for personal transactions


Afternoon Modules

12:30 Lunch


Sole Proprietors vs Companies

Tax deductions

Independent Contractors


Provisional Tax

Income Tax

Turnover Tax

SARS E-filing

What's included?

17:00 Cake & Champagne Sunset Mingle

A comprehensive guide to accounting & tax

Screen Shots with step by step instructions to manage SARS E-filingIncome Statement Spreadsheet

Depreciation on assets tax deduction calculator

Home office tax deduction calculator

Simple Balance Sheet Spreadsheet

Invoice Schedule

Budget template


20 September 2019

Cape Town

31 January 2020


Hanneke Barlow, proud owner of Digits (Pty) Ltd, a bespoke practice providing tailored tax and accounting services.

An accountant by trade, Hanneke Barlow also knows what it means to be a creative entrepreneur.

Digits (Pty) Ltd started as a humble freelance service, but has since exploded into a trend-setting service provider that offers tailored tax and accounting services to creative entrepreneurs.

What is included

→ Full day master class
→ Balance Your Own Books booklet
→ Spreadsheets & guides 
→ Invitation to Facebook group for continued support


Step-by-step, practical application of accounting and tax principles ready to transform the data for your business to ensure you're making firm, real time decisions to optimise your business and make it thrive.



Each step of each process is visually presented in the form of step by step guides, screen shots and 'how-to' presentations.


While your Balance Your Own Books guide will serve as a comprehensive go-to for everything we discuss on the day, ongoing support is provided with a private invitation to a Facebook Group where you will be reminded of important deadlines, guided through calculations and ensure you're ready to submit your financials!

How much access will I get to Hanneke?

Hanneke will be around to answer questions during the day and will be answering questions on the private Facebook group after

What is the investment in the class?

The class costs R5,500

What is the refund policy?

There is none.  I believe you are here to conquer a subject you feel uncomfortable with and believe I have every tool, tip and knowledge to empower you to feel comfortable within this field.

When is Balance Your Own Books?

20 September 2019 in Northcliff, Johannesburg at the picturesque Culture Barn.

I know nothing about accounting or tax, can I still attend the class?

Yes, this class is aimed at all levels and even the most basic understanding of rands and cents will be managed in the curriculum.

Where is the class held?

It is at Culture Barn in Northcliff, Johannesburg, exact address is shared upon purchase of your ticket.

What should I bring?

No need to bring anything although you are welcome to bring your laptop. If there is any special item which would make you more comfortable on the day, please feel free to bring it along!

You're not the only one with nightmares about SARS (Really, I've heard that so many times)

Stop ignoring the subject and invest in your business.

Ticket Prices
A full day class
Balance Your Own Books booklet
Breakfast canapés, lunch & cake and champagne sunset mingle
Every piece of theory, practical guide and step by step instructions to empower and enable you to feel more confident when it comes to your company's finances.


Hanneke is the proud owner and founder of Digits.  She is a mama to three little ones, gets to share life and love with hubby, and business partner, Johan and their two fur babies Basil & Chili. 

Hanneke has a passion for teaching and she is so excited to make a difference in the financial life of your business.