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Hanneke Barlow

Established and owned by Hanneke Barlow. The company was created as a freelance accounting business offering personal services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. The aim of Digits is to be an additional resource to entrepreneurs to relieve some of the work load.

Digits aims to simplify the accounting process and present it visually to entice creative professionals to focus on their finances. This company takes the boring out of accounting and inspires business owners to take control of their finances. Digits offering is superior in the way  that it is personal, one on one and specialised for each client.

Hanneke aims to create beautiful, meaningful and exciting accounting practices, unlike other firms who stick to the status quo.

How to Become The
Next Big Thing

Digits offers the perfect solution for business owners wanting a personal relationship with their accountant and having the peace of mind that their accounting and tax affairs are taken care of.

Selected Clients

We have a diverse client base of both creative and corporate businesses across South Africa.

Rooftop Roots is an innovative urban eco-farming business in Johannesburg CBD. Our current farming initiatives use aquaponics and hydroponic farming, which are both 100% water based methods of growing healthy and tasty produce.
Through our work we develop integrated and inclusive strategies that help your business grow while also helping your customers, employees, and community prosper right along with you.
Impact Hub Johannesburg is a member-based co-working space and event venue that unites and empowers impact-driven individuals! Our community is comprised of entrepreneurs, freelancers, techies, consultants, investors, creatives, artists and more.

After many different alternative approaches to health and healing I found TRE in 2011 and it radically changed my life. Still not feeling as though I was living my life to the fullest and suffering from severe anemia and hashimotos ( despite living a healthy balanced lifestyle ), I found a path of deeper transformation. I have slowly regained my health and vitality and am now passionate about sharing all the modalities that have helped me to re-centre myself in this world.


My vision is for our members to feel a sense of belonging, connection, support and community and ultimately to have a more balanced work-life relationship that will enable them to achieve longevity, enjoyment and success in their nomadic business journey.  


Bone by Bone Creative is a boutique digital agency that provides one-of-a kind solutions for brands that are looking to come to life. The term “brick by brick” refers to building something,  with Bone by Bone we wish to do the same by  assembling the skeleton that is your brand or business creating online opportunity that not only comes alive but that is truly flourishing. Your brand becomes our brand the minute it is placed in our hands and  together we build with care and commitment, a formidable online presence. 


Summah was inspired by the breezy and relaxed Turkish coastline, and its foundation to celebrate and revive the traditional craftmanship of the Turkish loom. Pestemals are the local  name given to the Turkish Towels. Bringing a sense of inspired luxury and the desire to merge the lifestyle in Turkey , with the culture in South Africa. 


How on earth would I be able to run a business and tell people how important photographs are if I didn't believe in it myself? I've worked with so many photographers that have become close friends. In our free time we would go and explore an unusual place and challenge ourselves to take more photos outside of our comfort zones.


Drawing is simply a part of who I am. It is how I express my love to family and friends. Never once did it cross my mind as a career path but when I look back now it all seems comically inevitable. Sharing my illustrations with the world started in a small church in Cape Town where we auctioned off my first fine art print to raise funds. A month after launching my first collection it was picked up by bloggers and I was chosen as one of Africa’s Emerging Creatives at the International Design Indaba.


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