Meet Digits (Pty) Ltd

Hanneke Barlow

Digits (Pty) Ltd was born out of founder Hanneke Barlow’s desire to merge her love for numbers with an intrinsic need to operate creatively.

As a closet creative herself, Hanneke noticed the power of creative mediums to make an otherwise mundane subject somewhat more approachable.

Digits’ vision is to turn your tax and accounting chores into a beautiful and meaningful experience that speaks your language. We want to inspire you to focus on your finances and to support you in cultivating your craft.

Our Approach

We pull out all the stops to make this rather boring subject a stimulating and creative one that will leave you inspired – ready to master your finances and get your business blooming.

Selected Clients

We have a diverse client base of both creative and corporate businesses across South Africa.

Through our work we develop integrated and inclusive strategies that help your business grow while also helping your customers, employees, and community prosper right along with you.
Impact Hub Johannesburg is a member-based co-working space and event venue that unites and empowers impact-driven individuals! Our community is comprised of entrepreneurs, freelancers, techies, consultants, investors, creatives, artists and more.

How on earth would I be able to run a business and tell people how important photographs are if I didn't believe in it myself? I've worked with so many photographers that have become close friends. In our free time we would go and explore an unusual place and challenge ourselves to take more photos outside of our comfort zones.


Drawing is simply a part of who I am. It is how I express my love to family and friends. Never once did it cross my mind as a career path but when I look back now it all seems comically inevitable. Sharing my illustrations with the world started in a small church in Cape Town where we auctioned off my first fine art print to raise funds. A month after launching my first collection it was picked up by bloggers and I was chosen as one of Africa’s Emerging Creatives at the International Design Indaba.


Scaled Impact is a project development company.

We build projects on our own account and with partner companies and organizations.

We are highly commercial, but not for profit.


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