A digital guide for entrepreneurs ready to master the art of bookkeeping

Is paying for an accountant just not an option yet?

Have you got no clue where to start to maintain your own bookkeeping records?

Confused and scared of tackling the bookkeeping mountain yourself?

It's time to say a polite but firm 'no thank you' to:
Trying to figure out what bookkeeping means and why your books need to balance. Yes, you are smart and capable of many things but bookkeeping isn't one of them & you simply cannot afford not to have sound financial data to base your strategic decisions on.

Guessing what comes first, where to start and what not to miss when setting up your bookkeeping platform & process. Too many unfamiliar terms and confusing concepts!

Wishing you knew which revenue stream is worth more time and effort cause you simply don't know what is making you actual money compared to the time you're investing. The guessing game  is not worth the risk, an actual report providing key indicators is your answer!

Having had said 'NO' now means you are able to shout 'Yes Please' to:

Peace of mind knowing you've got all the tools to be on the right track with your bookkeeping processes

Laying the foundation to a financially free future as you're building the foundation needed to make sound financial decisions on

Investing time and energy on revenue streams that can actually help you become financially secure!

Your secret weapon equipping you with all the tools to master your own bookkeeping.

Balance Your Own Books has been designed to cater for all budgets. The e-book is available for purchase on our website. One-on-one coaching sessions are done by Hanneke Barlow herself guiding you through the entire process of setting up and customising your platform while implementing sound bookkeeping processes. Group offerings will be available from time to time, watch our events for further details!

module 1
module 2
cloud based accounting software
  • making it official: adding your logo +  business details
  • the perfect invoice sequence
  • adding your banking details + payment  terms to invoices
  • conversion balances
  • creating cash books

income and expenses blueprint

  • personalising reporting categories
  • income blueprint
  • expenses blueprint 
module 3
module 4
products and services listings
  • using a price list to setup automated  products and services
  • adding inventory specs
  • keeping track of inventory on hand

a tip-top invoicing process

  • create an invoice schedule
  • who, what, when and how to track projects 
  • connecting quotes to invoices
  • crucial steps not to miss when creating an  invoice
  • repeating invoices
  • adding supporting docs to invoices
  • accept online payments
  • invoice reminders
module 5
module 6
payments received +categorising money spent
  • linking your online banking to pull in  transactions automatically
  • importing bank statements
  • reconciling incoming transactions
  • reconciling outgoing transactions 

for personal transactions

  • adding personal drawings to chart of  accounts
  • tracking transfers between personal and  business accounts

The price of the digital guide is R750.00 and can be purchased here.

The one-on-one full day workshop with Hanneke Barlow costs R4,000.00 and can be booked by contacting hanneke (at) digitsaccounting.co.za. This includes the full digital guide as well as professional guidance every step of the way.

Both options include a private invitation to our Facebook Group which serves as the platform for ongoing support.