Balance Your Own Books


A comprehensive 14 page guide that walks you through all the steps involved in setting up your very own profile on cloud-based accounting software as well as implementing basic bookkeeping processes.

  • Personalise & customise every aspect of your profile
  • Customise your chart of accounts
  • Setup your entire invoicing structure, individual revenue streams, automated messages & invoice reminders
  • Add your conversion balances from previous accounting year
  • Setup your cash books & link your banking profiles
  • Automate repeat monthly invoices
  • Add instant payment options to your electronic invoices
  • Learn how to use cash book to mark invoices as paid, send receipts for payments received and reconcile your bank account

The examples used and links provided are specific to Xero Accounting ( although the principles can be used across any chosen software.

This document was created as the mere thought of setting up an accounting system made entrepreneurs run for the hills and I wanted to find a solution that not only sets them up for success but also forms the basis of a carefully designed bookkeeping process.

I have helped dozens of entrepreneurs set up their profiles and got them all comfortable with using the system and would like to empower you to be in control of your bookkeeping process too.

Do note that this is merely a guide and any chosen software you register with will be for your own account. Most of these cloud-based accounting software systems offer a 30 day trial period which gives you lots of time to setup your profile and implement the processes in this guide before signing up for a month-to-month subscription.

For a personal approach, watch our events space for in-person group workshops or contact. Hanneke Barlow for a one-on-one full day workshop.