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Tailored Tax and Accounting

Bookkeeping + Taxes

Are you an established business who just wants to hand over your monthly accounting as well as annual tax submissions to a reliable professional? I can serve all your company’s monthly and annual financial needs, from data entering through annual financial statements and all tax submissions during each financial year.
I uncover the potential that a well-maintained set of financial books hold not only to comply with the Company’s Act and SARS but also present each business owner with accurate and complete financial data to make informed decisions around their business.
Function includes:
Processing and reconciliation of all accounting transactions
Presenting valuable income statements to analyse your revenue and expenses
Quarterly financial wellness meetings
Submitting all relevant taxes: personal and corporate income tax; VAT & PAYE
Annual review of financial statements
Basically I take over all the financial tasks you want and need, but don’t have the time, energy or expertise to handle yourself.

Taxes Only

Do you own an established business with an accounting process already set up and am looking for professional assistance with drawing up financial statements and submitting income taxes?
Don’t know what your company’s public interest score is? Let my professional experience in the accounting and tax profession assess your exact needs based on your public interest score and other industry specific requirements.
I spend quality time getting to know your business and how we can make use of every single tax deduction you qualify for and ensure compliance across all relevant legislation.
Function includes:
Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business
Drawing up of and reviewing annual financial statements
Calculating and submitting of income tax
Basically I take your finalised set of books at year end, review the work done and prepare financial statements after which income tax is submitted. No more confusion on e-filing, doubts about compliance or any other related stress.